Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Arnold of Squirrels

  We had a new visitor to our bird feeder a few weeks back. Or maybe he wasn't new. It could just be that we started to notice him because he was unusual. This squirrel had the best upper body development I'd ever seen on a rodent. He looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger from his body building days. The pecs and biceps on this squirrel were incredible! And why would that be? The poor little thing had to drag himself along by his little squirrel arms. His back legs didn't seem to work. He sort of pushed with one of them, but for the most part his back half just dragged behind him. I felt so bad for him. But he seemed healthy enough. He looked strong and fuzzy. He was even getting himself up onto the bird seed platform, although he sometimes needed a few tries. I thought of maybe making him a little squirrel wheelchair, or a sled, but I didn't think he's let me strap it on.

Sadly though, I haven't seen him in a week now. I'm guessing the weather, cats or other squirrels may have done him in. Poor little dude!