Monday, November 11, 2013

Picking Up Trash . . . And Finding a Use For It

  Hey, you know those little metal things you find on the side of the road? They are about pen length, flat, a half a centimeter across or so.

Well, this year I figured out what they are. It only took me 40 years. They are bristles from the street sweepers! I was so excited when I figured that out! I've been seeing those things in the road for years and years and years. I may be the only person who didn't know what they were. Or more likely, I'm probably the only person who noticed the darn things at all. And I can never stop myself from picking them up. I had quite a stash of them. Well, I actually found a use for them. That's right!

And did I use them for something useful? Like cleaning toilets? Or holding something important together? Or to entertain family and friends? No! I used them in an even better way - to make art! I got out paper, paints, thread, glue, street sweeper bristles and whipped up a series of three paintings. Here's some really bad photos of part of them:

I really like them! And I have some bristles left over for something else. I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike.


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  1. Hey! We have been dealing with this problem a year! Thank you for your discover. We can sleep well now. Jan (Prague, Czech Republic)