Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ruled By Rabbits and Cats and Other Assorted Critters

So, sweet little Bunderfluff Nibblenubbins passed on to the great clover field in the sky and Sweet Pea thought we had an empty spot in the house that required filling. After several months of searching we decided to rescue a bunny from the SPCA. The advantage is that he's already neutered so we have much calmer bunny than the last time. He's really the sweetest little rabbit we could hope for.

That said, he is still a rabbit which means he's a little bit bossy. I think he has me trained now. But aside from the constant nose poking and occasional nibble to get our attention when he's not being pet enough, he's wonderful.The cat does not agree.

The cat and the rabbit haven't 'officially' met and I think we'll keep it that way. The cat seems happy downstairs. The rabbit seems happy upstairs. And ne'er the twain shall meet. Or something like that.

On the few occasions when they spied each other across the room, there was a lot of very loud foot thumping from the rabbit and some racing away down the stairs from the cat. With some work they might become friends, but who needs more work!

So, the rabbit rules the upstairs, the cat rules the downstairs, and I'm constantly being ordered around by nose-bumps, nibble, meows and head rubs no matter where I go.

So, without further delay, this is our upstairs rabbit - Nubbin:


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