Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Domo and His Built In Candy Hatch

  I made a Domo costume for Doodlebug this year - fuzzy, cute, with a built-in candy hatch - just put the candy right in Domo's mouth. Unfortunately, he didn't get to try out the candy hatch. He was too sick to go trick-or-treating. Fever, tummy ache, head ache, sniffles, etc. Poor little guy!

And Sweet Pea decided she is now too old for trick-or-treating so she stayed home and passed out candy. She dressed up like a hippie and looked very hippie-ish.

But Snickers was willing and able and more than ready to collect all the candy he could. He got enough for all three kids to share. All the Reese's went to Doodlebug. All Most of the Three Musketeers went to Sweet Pea. All the gummy, sour, fruity things went to Snickers. All the lolly pops, Take Fives, Almond Joys and assorted strange halloween items went into the trash. All the rest went to Mom and Dad.


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