Monday, November 7, 2011


  A haiku for today:

My three favorite words
I have no idea why
Uber, hoot and trout.

Why, you ask? I just said. I have no idea. I just like the sound of them. Hoot makes me think of fuzzy little owls - like burrowing owls.
Trout just has a certain ring to it - it rolls nicely off the tongue.
And uber - well, it's just an uber-awesome word.

We have a new word in our  house now:
Uberhootentrout: [oo-ber-hoo-ten-trowt]
1. the utter silliness of Mommy
2. a byproduct of the utter silliness of Mommy

As in: What is all that uberhootentrout out there?


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