Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Locked In!

I have been very busy in my Crafty Corner lately and have been loving every minute of it. When I put my Crafty Corner together at one end of the room I tried to take up as little space as possible so the room could still be used, but still give myself room to work. So it's a tight squeeze to get into it, but once in I have room to move around a little bit. And since the entrance was rather tight, and since I had a large board hanging around, I made a door. It's just a large board that's between two pieces of furniture that can be pulled out to block the entrance. It's mostly a joke. But Doodlebug likes to pull it closed and lock me in. Which I don't mind in the least. I could stay in there all day. The only problem is that the 'door' doesn't slide easily. So when he 'locks me in' I'm locked in!

The other day I spent several minutes trying to extricate myself so I could answer the phone.

I grabbed the edge of the door and pushed, but wasn't at the right angle so it didn't budge. So I bent down and tried to shove the bottom. It didn't budge. After a lot of cursing, sweating and pushing I managed to get it to move an inch. I stopped to rest and draw a little. Then I started to get hungry so I got back to it. I finally managed to get it to open just enough to squeeze out. By that time the phone had stopped ringing.


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