Friday, February 28, 2014

A Disruption in the Space-Time Continuum

So I was working in the kitchen the other day and found a nicely dried out wishbone. I called Snickers over and he carefully studied it and chose a side.

"Wait, wait! I need to think of a wish!"

So I waited. Then he went on to complain about how he never won these things. Ever.

So I made my wish and we pulled.

And then ...



The thing exploded!

There were bits of bone scattered across the floor, tinking into the sink, plinking onto the window, scuttling across the counters and stove and over our exposed skin. It was a like chicken-bone bomb!

The dust settled and we checked to see if by any chance one of us had won. But of course not, there was nothing left but bone dust and a couple of spikey nubs.

So, we cleaned up the bone bits that the cat was trying to eat and thought it through. What happened? What did we do wrong? 

Then we figured it out. The universe did not want to grant Snicker's wish. But my wish was that Snickers win this time. So there was no other possible outcome. We upset the space-time continuum and the bone had no other chose but to explode under the pressure.


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