Monday, February 3, 2014

Collapsing on Stage to Laughter

I am not meant to perform in public. It's just not me. I prefer to remain in the background, well-hidden if at all possible.

But a few weeks back Snickers, Hubby and I got our black belts! As part of the Black Belt Graduation ceremony we had to participate in a demonstration. And not just any demonstration, but a demonstration in front of about 100 people.

In a public place.

On a stage.

With spotlights.

About as far out of my comfort zone as I could be. (In face, I was having flashbacks to my botched kindergarten play where I ended up in tears on stage in front of a laughing audience - scarred for life! But in truth, I don't actually remember that experience, but I've heard the stories. I think I must have walled that unpleasantness off in some far corner of my mind where it would never surface again.)

But in any case, back to the topic at hand. We performed as part of a group and solo. Snickers and the Hubby were fine - relaxed even. And while I wasn't too nervous, I did manage to mess up in just about every possible way (just minor things thank heavens!). But the good news is, I managed to fake my way through it without being too obvious, without falling off the stage and without collapsing in tears on the stage (I have a history of that as I mentioned above). But as Sweet Pea so nicely pointed out, in all the group demonstrations I was about 1/2 step behind everyone else. Oops. Maybe I secretly like to be noticed.

But it's over and done with and as long as I never see any recordings of it I'll continue to think I did just fine.

Just fine.


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