Friday, January 31, 2014

Crafty Corner

  I have been so incrediby busy lately that I haven't had much opportunity to spend time in my 'crafty corner'. I really miss it. Since late November I've been busy with Christmas baking, shopping, decorating and preparations, then Christmas de-decorating and the challenging task of finishing off the Christmas cookies (I'm so full!). During all that and until last weekend, I was also in the midst of the black belt cycle at my karate school, not to mention working full time and general living.

But I think things are finally winding down a bit. The holidays are over. The black belt cycle is over - after several years of practice and most-recently, many hours of hard work-outs, runs and other preparation, Snickers, the hubster and I are now black belts! So now I'm really looking forward to spending more time secluded in my corner (whenever the opportunity presents itself). If I can, maybe I'll even share some of the fruits of my labor. I've recently discovered (re-discovered) water colors and have been messing with that.)

But until I get a chance to get things uploaded to share, here's a picture of my crafty corner. It's usually a mess, but as long as I can find a small clear spot to work, I'm happy!


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