Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Box Brimming With Gerbils

So we visited the pet store a few weeks back and were pleasantly surprised to find that they had a new litter of 6 gerbils. We'd been in the market for gerbils for a little while but were having trouble finding a pet store that carried them. It seems those little miniature hamsters (oh my god those things are cute!) are all the rage. But we had our heart set on gerbils, in part due to their cleanliness and in part due to our awesome experience with sweet little Sandy.

So, we came home with a box brimming with gerbils! No, we didn't get all 6, although the ducklings would have liked that. But we did come home with 3 of them. Little sisters named Dusty, Chippy and Toast.

Dusty is a soft dusty gray, Chippy is a brindled brown and Toast is a warm butterscotch color with a white head dot and gray suspenders. They are all so cute!


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