Monday, January 20, 2014

Oreo Piggy

I'm a little behind on my blogging so I'll try to catch you up in my next several posts . . .

It's been a rough year for pets at our house. To be fair, all the pets that have passed on have had fairly long, happy lives, but it seems like they are dropping like flies all of the sudden. I posted not too long ago about sweet little Sandy. Then there were some fish who ended up belly-up. And then this past weekend, sweet little Oreo died. She wasn't very old for a guinea pig, not quite 5, but she had a rough year. Her cage-mate died a year ago. At that time, Oreo lost most of her fur, developed what we affectionately called a 'pig-bump' (a yucky bump on her side) and seemed a little depressed. Well, a few months ago she seemed to bounce back. She grew all her fur back, lost her pig bump and seemed fairly content. But then suddenly a couple of weeks ago she stopped eating hay. I checked her teeth to make sure that wasn't the issue (not that I could have done anything if it was), but they looked fine. And she continued to eat plenty of veggies. But something was going on and now she's in piggy heaven with Eleanor and Bubbles, frolicking in a huge field of clover I'm sure. We'll miss her. Guinea pigs are the sweetest little critters. Not the cleanest, but certainly the sweetest. We'll miss you Oreo!


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