Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Failed Attempt

I decided to make cookies last night. I often decide to bake something on the spur of the moment and everyone generally appreciates that. This time, not so much.

I've had this recipe for a while that I've wanted to try and decided to give it a go. Hungarian Cream Cheese Thumbprints. From the recipe and picture I imagined a lightly lemon flavored poppy seed cookie (sort of like a lemon poppy muffin) with a dollop of sweet cream cheese in the center. I was thinking a flavor like the filling in a cheese danish. Needless to say, I was disappointed. They look much like the picture, but the flavor is disappointing. Most of it is probably my fault - we were out of lemon extract, so I substituted lemon juice to try to get a little lemon flavor. And, they were slightly undercooked which made them a little, um, not exactly gooey, but a just a little funny. Despite being undercooked they came across as very dry. And the cream cheese mixture didn't have any flavor to speak of. The only one who really like them was little red doggy:

He can have them all!
(Yes, a bad picture I agree - I need to work on my photography skills. But you get the idea.)


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