Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Secret to Keeping Christmas Lights Alive . . .

. . . is lots of spare strings of lights. No really. I've proven it. This year not a single strand of colored lights refused to work. It used to be that every year at least two, if not more, strings of lights would die, usually after they were strung on the tree, but occasionally before. And yes, I've tried changing the little fuses in the plug and looking for broken or loose lights, but it never fixed the problem. Until I discovered the cure.

This year not a single strand refused to work.

For the last two years, everytime there is a sale on Christmas lights (after the holidays are over or at the start of the season) I have picked up several strands of lights. However, I never really kept track of how many strings I had. Well, I counted.

I have, not kidding, 19 strings of colored lights! Holy too-many-lights Batman! But it worked! I didn't need even one of those NINETEEN BOXES!

However, I also have a second tree that I put up every year that is my husbands 'outer space' tree. It holds all the Hallmark Keepsake Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments, as well as 'planet' ornaments and stars and, of course, the white lights which look like stars. Two strings of white lights would not light this year. And how many backup strings of white lights do I have? NOT ONE! So of course, without the cure, the lights will die.

My task tomorrow is to go out and buy a lot of white lights. Too many white lights. Enought to ensure that I won't need them. That is the cure!


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