Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fiber Optic-ness

OK. First blog post. No introductions, just gonna dive right in . . .

It's the Christmas season again. Already the kids are excited and can't wait to get the decorations up! Part of that is because I bought two small fiber optic Christmas trees this year. I actually bought them about a month ago when the Christmas stuff first came out in the stores. Sweet Pea talked me into perusing the Christmas aisles (not a difficult task) and then talked me into the purchase. Sweet Pea will have one in her room, and Snickers and Doodlebug will have one in their room. Now, for the past month, these uber-cool, fiber optic, multi-colored beauties have been in their boxes. Yes, IN A BOX! IN THE BASEMENT! For over a month! Mom! What is wrong with you?!

The first challenge of course if to find room for these. They are under 3 feet tall, and not real wide, but the bedrooms are crammed full of furniture, books, toys, you-name-it. Just about every square inch of space (except for the center of the floor) is claimed by something else. But we managed to find room for them somehow. Pushed this over, squeezed this in, stuffed this in the closet and voila!

Quick and easy assembly. A quick lecture about how they were NOT toys, and should be treated carefully and they were ready to be turned on. Drum roll please!


Ooooh! Aaaah! The beauty! The changing colors! The fiber optic-ness! Mesmerizing! Hypnotizing!

Now they need ornaments. And a star for the top. Oh, and don't forget garland!