Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Should I Fart?

Kids are so much fun! The other day the boys and I were in the living room. Doodlebug was playing on the Wii and Snickers and I were watching. Snickers, for whatever reason, wanted to hide on Doodlebug so he wanted Doodlebug to leave the room for a minute so he could hide on him. This is the whispered conversation that ensued:

Snickers: Give Doodlebug a reason to leave the room.
Me: Like what?
Snickers: I don't know, just some reason for him to leave.
Me: Should I fart?
Snickers and I: {gales and gales of uproarious laughter}

The hubby gave us some funny looks, but we didn't think he'd appreciate the humor. We generally don't get into fart jokes much, but for some reason this struck both me and Snickers as extremely funny. Maybe we were tired. OK. Maybe I was tired. He's a little boy. Anything to do with farts is funny for a little boy.


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