Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So the snails had babies. And the babies grew. And in some cases, they grew and grew and grew and grew until they were as big as a house. OK, slight exaggeration, but for a snail, one in particular is huge! Sweet Pea named him Snailerbiggius. The perfect name! I think he may even have outgrown Frisky, who is no small potato. She's quite a monster in the snail world as well.

And for a snail, he's fast. He zooms around the tank like you wouldn't believe, scraping algae off the sides and terrorizing the other snails. Well, OK, only if you consider occasionally climbing over them terrorizing. Maybe they terrorize him now that I think of it. I've seen two of the smaller ones on his shell at the same time before. None of them seem to mind though. I suppose it's like monkeys picking fleas from each other's fur except in this case it's eating algae off each other's shells. Mmmmm. Supper.

But everyone (everysnail? everyfish?) seems to like Snailerbiggius. The other snails will cluster around (for warmth??) and even the guppies will cluster around - poking themselves into the spaces between the snails, right up at the waterline. They are all good friends. What a peaceful, loving tank.


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