Monday, August 23, 2010

Slimy Snot-Like Stuff - Transformed!

Snickers likes to help me make pancakes. I have this awesome pancake recipe that involves the usual ingredients - flour, butter, a little sugar, milk, eggs, etc. But it also involves whipping the heck out of the egg whites and folding them into the batter. First off, watching Mommy whip the heck out of egg whites until they are foamy, fluffy and utterly transformed from slimy snot-like stuff to fluffy, clouds of egg-y goodness is pretty exciting. But when you get to do it yourself it's even better! Snickers does this part for me every time we have pancakes. He gets out the mixer and beaters. Puts, the beaters into the holes on the mixer and hands it over to me. Clunk! Clunk! Both beaters drop out of the mixer and onto the floor.

OK. We get that straightened out and push the beaters into the holes a little more firmly, then he whips the heck out of the eggs until they are fluffy clouds of egg-y goodness. Then the eggs are folded into the batter and poured into perfect circles on the hot frying pan (and also Pac Man shapes, and sometimes snowmen or kitties or doggies or spiders or squiggles or whatever shape strikes our fancy that morning.)

Snickers loves to help flip the pancakes too. I won't go into details, I'm sure you can imagein, but it's sometimes disastrous, but usually fixable. ("Oops. It landed on the other one!" As long as it doesn't land on the floor, or on exposed skin, we're good.)

Mmmmmm! Pancakes!


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  1. They absorb syrup like sponges, but these pancakes are amazingly delicious!