Friday, August 13, 2010

You did ALL OF THAT for only five dollars?!?!

 So, the State Fair is coming up again in a couple of weeks. Last year I entered a ton of the competitions and spent a frenzied few weeks baking, decorating, planning, matting, framing, gluing and sweating. I entered some cookies, a decorated cake, cupcakes, some art work, some photography, scrapbook pages and a miniature book. And Sweet Pea and Snickers entered some artwork too. It was a lot of work! But also a lot of fun.

We won a few ribbons and a small amount of prize money. Snickers didn't quite get the reasoning behind all of it. At one point he commented that "You did ALL OF THAT for only five dollars?!?!" Well, no. Not exactly. I certainly don't do it for the money. I spent a lot more on entrance fees, time and sweat than I got back in prize winnings. I do it because I enjoy it. I enjoy the competition. I'd like to rake in all the ribbons and gloat happily - ha ha ha ha! But I'm just as happy if I don't win. Plenty of other people enter some beautiful things. I do it because I like to do 'stuff'. All sorts of stuff. And it's not as much fun if you don't share it.

But this year I seem to have even less time than ever before so I scaled back quite a bit. I'm not entering any baked goods (gasp! I know! It's very hard on me!) But Sweet Pea is going to do a decorated cake. (I knew I wouldn't have time to help her and make a cake myself.) It should be a lot of fun.

I'm entering three works of art this year. If I get around to it I'll post a picture of them. And I'm entering another miniature book in the craft competition. And that's it! I know. How lame! Compared to last year I'm doing almost nothing! I wish I had entered a couple of photographs. But there's always next year.

All three kids are each entering two pieces of art work, and Sweet Pea is entering two photographs as well. Despite her mediocre camera she takes some really awesome pictures! Her closeup of a japanese beetle on a willow leaf is very very nice!

So wish us luck! And wish us loads of ribbons, prize money and recognition. But even if we don't win anything, that's OK. We had fun trying!


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