Friday, February 25, 2011

I Don't Want Any More Details! How Did We Get on This Topic Anyway?

  When kids get to a certain age it's a good idea to have 'the talk' with them. There are certain things they need to know and I don't want to leave it all up to the schools, or gods forbid, their friends, to fill them in. Well, Sweet Pea got the preliminary talk several years ago. And while she was incredulous and thoroughly grossed out by some of the details, she was also very curious and it was definately time for her to know some of this.

Snickers on the other hand was a little different. Lately he's been asking a few questions, mostly in an offhand way, but I knew he was curious and we decided it was time to at least offer some explanation and fill him in a little bit. So, one day it was just me and him and the time seemed right. He asked a few questions. I offered some preliminary information. I got into a few details - nothing too graphic. And as things started to progress he decided he had enough!

Snickers: "OK, that's it. I don't want any more details! I've heard enough."
Mom: [laughing]. "Ok, but . . . "
Snickers: "No more. I don't want to know. How did we get on this topic anyway?"

He stopped short of plugging his ears and singing, "La la la la la la." but it was close. I knew it was time to stop. I think he has just enough details for now to satisfy his curiousity.


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