Friday, April 15, 2011

I Don't Know What The Heck He's Reading! (What We're Reading - Part 5 of 5)

  I'm ending this series of posts on a disappointing note. What is the hubster reading? I have no idea. How's that for a let down? Sure, I could ask him. Or just glance over at the bedside table and read the title. But most of what he reads I don't find interesting. (You might, but we'll never know, will we?)

We have a lot of interests in common, but reading material isn't really one of them. He seems to be a fan of high fantasy - dragons, dungeons, mages, etc which I sometimes like and have been known to read, but lately it holds little interest for me. He also often enjoys science fiction. I've never been a fan of science fiction. Not sure why. And then there's the zombie, vampire type stuff. Again, not usually my cup of tea although I did enjoy "The Forest of Hands of Teeth" which has a lot of zombies. I'm not too sure that Hubby would appreciate it though - it's definately aimed at the teenage girl market ala Twilight. (and no, I haven't read Twilight, or seen the movies.)

While he reads David Eddings, Robert Jordan, George R. R. Martin, Harry Turtledove and George Hebert I steer toward juvenile and young adult fiction, Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Patricia McKillop, David Almond, Kate DiCamillo and Kathy Appelt.

And that's the end of this series on what we're reading. At least for now. Hope you weren't too bored.



  1. I'm currently re-reading George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire in preparation for the release of the fifth novel, A Dance with Dragons, in July.