Friday, July 22, 2011

Actual Marshmallows Were Roasted

  About a month back we all went to my brother and sister-in-law's to celebrate Father's day with my dad and family. And what's Father's day without a nice Father's day bonfire? It's traditional, isn't it? The Father's day bonfire? Well, it should be. Here's what it looked like:

Once the 100 foot flames settled down to a nice toasty 20 foot fire, we got out the roasting sticks. Here's a nice shot of a Cheeto roasting over the open flames. Nothing better than blackened Cheetos, right? Nice and crispy charred on the outside and soft ashy on the inside? Maybe not so much. But worth trying.

And, as a side comment, don't try roasting circus peanuts. They may be vaguely marshmallowy in texture and taste, but don't be fooled. Have you ever wondered what happens when you burn a chunk of plastic over an open flame? Much the same as what happens when you burn a circus peanut over an open flame - noxious fumes and napalm-like orange goo, dripping and oozing and turning quickly into carmelized, bubbling, oil (which bubbled for much longer than was natural). Oh my god! It was frightening. (See, that's why high fructose corn syrup is bad for you! It does the same thing in your stomach. Really.)

On the other hand, actual marshmallows were also roasted and they were delicious, delightful and de-gooey! I ate many!


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