Friday, July 15, 2011

There's a Moon in My Poppies!

  So, despite my lack of caring we actually have some stuff that's growing in the pots and the garden. Here's some of it:

Our wild black raspberry bushes - this picture is from a couple of weeks ago so they are now ready to eat. Yum!!

And this is a johnny-no-purple. That's what I call the mutant johnny-jump-ups that are just yellow and white, without the distinctive purple coloring.
And here's one of my poppies. This one contains the moon.

And I don't know what these are. I picked them up one day because I thought they were pretty and they seem to like my deck. They are growing like crazy.

And remember these? These are the strongest sunflowers on earth. They are out to prove that 'survival of the fittest' applies to them. There are three of these little beauties. I love the way they follow the sun throughout the day.
And here are some of the tangled up little white flowers. I don't know what these are either. I don't think I planted them. They just appeared a couple of years ago and pop up for a visit every summer.


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