Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isn't this fun? Come on! Try it with me!

So, remember this post where I went on ad nauseum about chin-ups? Well, we're seeing progress. The other day I did, (yes, I really did), 4 chin-ups!!!

Now, not all at once or anything. But I did one, then rested a minute or so, then did a second, then rested a minute or so, then did a third! and knew that was it for a while so I did my sets of negatives to strengthen those there lat muscles. Then, a bit later - maybe 10-15 minutes later, I did a fourth! I know, you could care less, but WOW! I'm jazzed about it! Jazzed let me tell you! Pumped! Psyched! Whoo hoo baby! Just a couple of months ago, when I bought that pull-up bar I couldn't do a single one, not even close!

So, to get to the point, if you want to be able to do pullups/chinups, then you need to try to do chin-ups. That is, you need to attempt it and you need to practice. You need to strengthen those muscles that make it possible. Trying a single chin-up every few days won't cut it. (I know. I tried that first.) If you're where I was, unable to do a single one, then do negatives. Do as many as you can every couple of days. I wasn't up there every day all day long. I did my 3 sets of negatives with a 1-2 minute rest between about 3-4 times a week tops. Took maybe 10 minutes, if that. And it made a difference.

So now my next goal is to be able to do two in a row with no rest between. That  means I need to keep practicing. Lots of negatives. I'm up to sets of about 7 - up from 5. Isn't this fun? Come on! Try it with me! You can do it!!


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