Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading a Story to the Neighbors

  We read to the kids most nights before bed. Sometimes I read to them. Sometimes the hubster does. For the past several months it's been the hubby. And when the weather is warm we will read out on the back deck before bed. The hubster has a nice loud voice so the neighbors all around get to hear the story too. I'm sure they love it.

As some background, when we read, we insist that everyone stays in the same room so they can hear the story. As frequently happens, one of us (usually, Doodlebug, SweetPea or I) get in trouble for talking or fooling around during the story. Occasionally someone gets upset and stomps off in anger (usually Doodlebug or SweetPea), but they aren't allowed to go far. If we had to stop everytime someone got angry and stomped off we would never read more than a paragraph a night. So we insist that everyone stay in the same room and listen - ie don't spoil it for everyone else. Usually it's only a matter of seconds, minutes at most, before the anger/grumpiness is forgotten and they are totally engrossed in the story again.

So, the other night we were out on the deck, in our plastic deck chairs, listening to the melodious sound of the hubster's voice echo around the deck. Something got Doodlebug upset (I can't remember what any more) and he stomped off in anger. The Hubinator told him to get back to his chair and listen to the story. So, crying and moaning, he walked to his chair, picked it up, carried it off several yards and sat down.

Everyone began to laugh. And Doodlebug cried, then laughed, then cried, then laughed. I have never actually seen anyone cry and laugh at the same time. You've seen those comedy/tragedy theater masks - one happy, one sad? Well, that was him, both at once. Tears streaming down his cheeks and his mouth and eyes alternating from sadness to laughter. It was very funny.

And as is usually the case, within a few minutes it was all forgotten and we were all engrossed in the story again. 


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