Friday, August 12, 2011

That's One Strange Fish!!

  I haven't bored you given you an update on my fish lately and I know that all of you out there in internet land are waiting with baited breath for my next exciting post about my uber-exciting, rousing, party-in-the-water, awesome aquarium.

So, for your boredom reading pleasure I will update you. We currently have:

3 feeder guppies: Guppy One, Guppy Two and Guppy Three. They are interchangeable. We're just too lazy to name them anything more original despite the face that we can tell them apart. [Shrug] They're guppies. They just aren't that exciting.

A beta: Skye Masterfish is very pretty - light blue with some deeper blue and red on his fins. He is named in honor of a character from 'Guys and Dolls' which Sweet Pea had the lead in this past school year.

A loach: I don't remember what his name is. We only see him on occasion when he decides to come out from under the rocks - usually at night. He's very fun to watch. We usually just call him 'the loach'. His real name might be Cord. Or maybe Wiggly? Or possibly Fuzzy.

A mystery snail: Snailerbiggius is quite large, hence the name. He's not as exciting as Mr. Sinister and Frisky, but he's a fine snail anyway.

A little tiny frog: I don't remember what his name is either. Kermit? No. Um, drawing a blank here. He's another one that tends to lurk in the dark corners so we don't see much of him.

And, last but not least, is Whiskers, our little albino catfish. He is the cutest little fish. He zips back and forth across the tank and looks so darn happy. He will zoom up to the top for a sip of air and drag his little dorsal fin across the top. We can almost hear him saying "I'm a shark! I'm a shark!" He also likes to annoy play with the snail and the other fish. He will zoom up to them, goose them, and race off across the tank, his little fins wiggling in laughter.

You may have noticed that the title of this post is 'That's One Strange Fish'. That's because when Whiskers isn't being fun, he's a little weird. (I can relate). He likes to play dead. On multiple occasions I have found him floating at the top of the tank, dead to the world. Then I poke him and he skitters off, laughing in little fishy bubbles. And just the other day I found him laying on his back (yes, his back) at the bottom of the tank, in a corner. Now, that's one dead fish I thought. But no, we got out the poking stick and sure enough, after one poke he wiggled. I gave him a second poke for good measure just to make sure it wasn't just death throes and he swam off, slightly sideways, but alive.

He also has equilibrium issues. At these times when he's acting strangely (and maybe he just has a tummy ache, or a gill ache or a fin ache or something) he tends to swim sideways, or even upside down. I tell you, it's not natural. If his head starts to spin in circles he's going down the toilet!


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