Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scientifically Calibrated Measuring Devices vs. Winging It

  Snickers has been helping us out in the kitchen lately. He likes being the apprentice chef and so far he's made pancakes, cookies, baked ziti and homemade pizza with only a little help from us. The other day, as he was making pizza with the hubby I pointed out how much he was learning by working with both me and his dad.

While working with his dad he learns how to very carefully measure every single teeny tiny little crumb and flake and drop of every single ingredient using scientifically calibrated measuring devices. He learns the importance of pre-heating the oven and setting timers, of very very very carefully cutting a stick of butter along the pre-measured line in the wrapper so not a single smidgen of butter fat escapes or makes it into the recipe when it shouldn't. He learns how to measure liquids in fractions of ounces and dry ingredients in fractions of grams.

And when working with his mom he learns how to wing it. How to estimate and get close enough. How to get messy and experiment and try new ingredients, new substitutions and just play with it and have fun.

He's got the best of both worlds.

A recent conversation:

Hubby: Now son, this says we need 11 and 3/4 ounces. So we need to get out this overly precise measuring device and I carefully pour in the liquid, a drop at a time. As it gets close to the line, stop and wait 3.16 minutes for the liquid to settle so you can see if it's level with this line. Then - ZZZZzzzzzzz - oh, sorry I dozed off while waiting for the liquid to settle.

Me: Or you can just use a cup and a half and take out a tiny bit.

Snickers looked interested in this tidbit. Hubby looked annoyed.


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