Friday, September 2, 2011

The Chips Are A-Flyin'

So there I was, sitting at the computer desk. Behind me was a short dresser with two gerbil cages on the top. There was a lot of rustling. Then some kicking. Then a handful of gerbil chips (bedding) came flying out. I turned around. Both gerbils were just looking at me. I said hello and turned back to the computer.

Before I knew it, there were more chips flying. I could hear them raining down into the assorted piles of stuff that accumulates in that room. I turned around again to see what they were doing. They just looked at me, all wide eyed and innocent. Who, us?

I got back to work.

A minute later, more rustling, followed by chips flying. One hit the back of my head.

I turned again and caught one of them kicking chips out behind him. He turned, looked at me, and smirked. Then he scurried off.

Damn gerbils! (If only they were big enough to push the vacuum cleaner!)


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