Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Those Aren't Trees, Stupid!

I just love listening to the kids. They have the best conversations. Here's one we had recently while driving home in the middle of an awesome sunset.

Sweet Pea: Wow! Look at those clouds. It's all pink and purple!
Daddy: That's an awesome sunset.
Mommy: The clouds are all lined with white!
Snickers: It looks like the edges are burning.

We went on and on like this for a couple of minutes. Then out of the silence:

Doodlebug: Hey, look at those trees!
Sweet Pea: What trees?
Doodlebug: Over there....wait.
Sweet Pea: Those aren't trees, stupid! That's the clouds. What do you think we've been talking about?
Doodlebug: Shut up!


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