Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Re-Tucking, Itchy Noses and Windy Nights

So, I've really been slacking lately with this whole blog thing haven't I? For my (few) loyal readers I apologize. For the rest of you who don't read this blog, what are you waiting for? Get with it!

In any case, I've been busy. Busy with all sorts of things. What sorts of things you ask? I have no idea! I never seem to get anything accomplished, yet I never have time for anything. But I guess that's just the way of things, isn't it?

One thing I've been doing is trying to squeeze in a little bit of web development again. It really is amazing how much web development I can get done in 10 minute chunks (almost none, but for 10 minutes that 'almost' is what counts!) When the kids are 'supposed to be' in bed, but really aren't - at any given time one or more of them are (choose any two):

A) giggling
B) lonely
C) scared
D) arguing
E) need a drink (oh, so do I!)
F) need to be re-tucked because their blankets fell off
G) need help finding Prickles or King Mooey or Limbo Ducky.
H) have a runny nose or a tickle in their throat
I) have an itchy toe
J) the cat is under their bed
K) the cat is not under their bed
L) it's windy out
M) the  moon is too bright
N) the night light is not bright enough
O) they are thinking about a recent scary episode of some TV show
P) they need an extra hug

But usually around 9:30 they are finally all tucked in and snoozing. That leaves me about, oh, 10 minutes or so before I'm too exhausted to do anything but stumble up to bed.


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