Friday, October 7, 2011

Piece of Cake

Ever use one of those frosting sheets? You know, the ones that come out of some fancy sort of frosting printer with a picture made of  frosting that you can put on a cake? Those things are pretty cool - a  piece of cake to use really.  Just lay it down on the top of the flat frosted cake and it melts into the frosting and looks wonderful.

Now, it's not a fancy, uber-cool cake with layers and columns and architectural supports and fancy doo-dads like I usually prefer to make, but it sure is easy to use and it's a good alternative when you have a tween girl with a boy-band obsession. I don't think I was up to making cute boys out of frosting - not unless you want them to look like lumpy, disfigured, blobs and then they don't really count as 'cute'.


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