Friday, October 21, 2011

Ding Dong! Crackle Crackle! Squeak. Squeak! SQUEEEEAAAAKKK!

  We recently celebrated Sweat Pea's birthday. She had the usual assortment of parties, celebrations, gifts, etc. mostly on the weekend prior to her actual birthday. But when the day of her actual birthday came, we couldn't let it go unnoticed. So I brought home a box of Ding Dongs and a balloon. Along with a candle and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, we managed to celebrate it quite well.

There were still a few Ding Dongs left the other day so I snatched one from the cupboard and crept stealthily into the Dining Room (also known as the Pig Room in honor of the Guinea Pigs whose cage happens to be in there (and also in honor of the stench of said Piggies)).

Well, let me tell you, those pigs are squealers! They weren't too interested in my entrance into the room, but as soon as I started to open that Ding Dong, at the very first crackle of paper, they began squeaking at the top of their lungs. I imagine it was something like this:

Eleanor: Hey, whatcha got there?
Oreo: Sounds good!
Eleanor: Quit shoving!
Oreo: Ooooh! It's a Ding Dong! She has a Ding Dong! An actual Hostess Ding Dong!!
Eleanor: Hey everyone! In here! She's eating a Ding Dong!
Oreo: Come on in guys! Check it out! She's eating a Ding Dong!
Eleanor: Quick! Before it's gone!

So, of course the secret was out. Everyone came in to see what all the hub bub was about. And there I was. Caught red-handed with my cheeks stuffed full of Ding Dongs. If it wasn't for the crumbs on my chin, the cream on my nose, the chocolate under my nails and my wide, innocent eyes I may have gotten away with it. Darn pigs!!


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