Friday, October 14, 2011

Like a Koala Bear on a Eucalyptus Branch

So there I was, sparring the other day in karate, and I got a knee in the thigh. I had my leg up to kick and so did the other guy and clash. OK. Not a big deal. Happens all the time. But OUCH! Immediate charlie horse. Just shake it off and get on with things right?

I shook my leg. That horse didn't wanna go.

I shook it again, harder. No luck. That horse was clinging on like a koala bear to a eucalyptus branch, like taffy to teeth, like a toddler to mom's leg, like a wet bathing suit.

Shake shake shake. Nope. That sucker was there to stay.

Give it a couple of days and I'll have a nice big bruise. It will match the one on my knee from my (graceful) fall in the garage and the one on my shin from another clash, and the one on my shoulders from jiu-jitsu and the one on my arm . . . . I'm like a banana. A really really big, old, bruised banana.


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