Monday, June 11, 2012

Scared $h!tless (Having a Hissy $h!t)

I know, what an uncouth title. How vulgar. But really, very fitting. Our sweet little cat went poo in her litter box the other day. And apparently some of it stuck to her butt fur. She came clattering up the stairs, spinning and sliding across the kitchen floor, spitting and hissing. Apparently, something was chasing her. Something that was stuck to her butt fur and bouncing against her legs! "Meow! Get it off me! It's chasing me! What is it?!? It jumped on me when I was using the litter box! Help! Get it off! Meow!"

And if that wasn't bad enough, when we finally coaxed her out from behind the plants she was unceremoniously plunked into the sink, claws held down and had her butt fur rinsed! Oh, the indignity! When she finally got away from that we didn't see hide nor hair of her for several hours.

Poor cat. But you can relate, can't you? Don't we all have bad dreams about things crawling up out of the toilet drain when we're sitting there? Just imagine if something clamped itself onto your butt fur!

Note: Thanks to grandma for the second half of the title. Priceless!


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