Friday, June 15, 2012

You're Not Going to Wear Those Out of the House, Are You?

Every once in a while I drag out my Sharpies again. Remember this posts from way back when? You can do amazing things with Sharpies if you have the time. Since I don't have the time I content myself with the decoration of my shoes. Colorful, fun, wild:

And yes, I do wear these out of the house. My husband pretends he doesn't notice. The kids love it. I beam proudly as the colors flash in the sunlight and blind everyone around me with their stunning beauty (or something like that).

If you decide to do this yourself, keep in mind that even though these are permanent markers, most of the colors will bleed when you get caught in the rain, wear them in the bath or splash in puddles. The black stays put, but the colors bleed into the white in a very pretty, but unexpected way.


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