Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You Can Do That?!? With a Sharpie?!? (Awesome Examples of Sharpie Art)

Who knew Sharpies were so cool? So popular? Many of you did I suppose. Just not me. Until recently. This past summer I took some Sharpies to a pair of canvas shoes. It just seemed like a fun and funky thing to do.

And since then it seems I keep seeing Sharpie art popping up everywhere. It turns out there are lots of fun and funky things you can do, and people have done, with Sharpies. Check out some of these stellar examples of Sharpie art:
(note: I am not being compensated in any way for this - I just think this is really cool stuff!)

Who would think to take a permanent marker to a Lamborghini? Seriously? But this is uber-cool! I mean, this is a Lamborthini so it's cool just because of what it is. But it's even cooler because of the art. (I'm sure some people don't agree, but I love it!) I mean, this would be cool on any car!

How about decorating a styrofoam cup? Styrofoam cups are so boring, aren't they? They need a little, something, to make them fun. Cheeming Boey creates incredible works of art on styrofoam cups. Now that's a cup!

How about the man who did a room makeover with $10 worth of Sharpies. Cheapest makeover ever! Sign me up! I have some walls that are looking mighty bare right now.

This is the Etsy shop of someone who does awesome things on wood with Sharpies:

And an article about Sharpwood.

How about this cool Honda sport bike:

Sharpie has a blog with lots of ideas, inspiration and awesome and creative Sharpie artists.

And at the "Sharpie Uncapped" gallery you can see Sharpie creations by regular people like you and me, uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

The site also has a "How To' section for when you are ready to get started.

I am inspired to get out my Sharpies again and decorate something. Probably not the walls, or the car (I think my husband might have something to say about that, although the kids would certainly think it was a good idea), but I'm sure I can find something.

So go out, get some Sharpies and see what you can do! I challenge you! Take some sharpies to your shoes, a pumpkin, a plain Christmas ball, your walls, your clothes, your car, your dishes or furniture, frames and lampshades, tissue boxes, appliances, anything that seems too plain - that needs a little jazzing up. Go ahead. It's OK. Get creative! (But don't get in trouble - make sure it's OK before you mark up the car or the furniture ;-))


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