Friday, December 4, 2009


Snickers often talks in his sleep. Sometimes, I'm lying in the same room, trying to sleep next to a hair-snuggling, warmth-loving kindergartner and I hear a conversation start in the next bed. It goes like this:

Snickers: greebadub florbdummery
Me: What?
Snickers: snirklenoid frittercakes
Me: Huh?
Snickers: zzzzzzz

Oh. OK. He's just talking in his sleep. Sometimes I'll go over and smooth his hair back and murmur quietly and he will quiet down. Usually it's just a few indecipherable words here and there. I can never manage to quite make out what he's saying. Oh, it sounds like real words, real conversation, but I just can't quite make it out. The other night he fell asleep in my bed. I had to move him, his bevy of plush that goes with him wherever he sleeps (see previous post) and his pillows. I started with his animals. As I removed the first one he said, very loudly and clearly, "Blurgonoid!" and rolled over. Despite the exclamation, I continued to move the animals, his pillows and him to his own bed. He never woke up through the transfer, but later, after he was tucked in, animals gathered around and I was lying in my own (nicely warmed) bed, I heard a few more mumbled, surely unintelligible phrases from down the hall. I have to wonder just what he's dreaming about.


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