Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Would You Like Grilled Cheese?

I am not good at grilled cheese. I am good at a lot of things but grilled cheese is not among them. I can write, I can bake, I can create a web page with HTML and CSS, I can draw, I can create a java web application, I can plant a garden, I can scrapbook, I can paint, I can do many many things fairly well. But I cannot, for the life of me, make grilled cheese. Oh I try. Guaranteed, it will burn. It doesn't matter if I do it on the stove top or an electric frying pan. It will burn. It doesn't matter if I cook it at 200 degrees or 400 degrees. It will burn. I've tried checking it periodically. I can often get it to the point where it is almost done. Almost. But it needs another minute so it's not soggy but nicely (and lightly) browned and slightly crispy. But without fail, in that last 10 seconds, it will go from almost done to pure and utter char from the deepest pits of hell - blackened and covered in ashes. So far beyond recognition that the char cannot even be scraped off. The char goes right though to the cheese.

I can bake cookies, and while sometimes they are over-cooked, most of the time they come out just fine. I can bake a lasagna just fine. I can make pancakes on that very same electric frying pan and they very rarely get overdone. So what is is about grilled cheese? I'll probably never know, but if you come to my house and you want a sandwich, do not, under any circumstances, request grilled cheese!


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