Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiny is so Cute!

Have I mentioned that I like tiny things? Cute, teeny, tiny, miniature little things? Lady bugs are cute. Like this one that visited recently.

And of course teeny tiny little guppies are cute. With their tiny fins and itty bitty faces and little darting bodies. And gerbils are sweet. With their tiny little furry bodies and little wiggly noses and twitching whiskers. I also like to make tiny little things (when I can find the time). I've been known to do tiny works of art on ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I love the smaller size. And I love to make tiny little scrapbooks. I have many of them on a bookshelf at home, from 5-6" across to 1" across. The smaller the better. This past summer I made a tiny little book out of two rocks, some paper, wire, beads and glue. I really like the way it came out. It even won second prize at the state fair's craft competition.

I like to bake tiny things too. Tiny little cakes made from sandwich cookies stacked one on top of the other and covered in frosting and tiny buttercream flowers. Tasty sweet little petits fours and miniature brownie bars.

I love my kids teeny tiny little feet and toes. (They are getting bigger now, daily, but they are still smaller, and thus cuter, than my own.) I love the tiny little baby teeth that get put under the pillows for the tooth fairy. I love tiny little forget-me-knots, blue and pink and tiny violets and johnny-jump-ups. Teeny tiny little green inch worms, those tiny little screws that hold your glasses together and the tiny screwdrivers that you use to tighten them, those sweet little zebra finches you see at the pet store with their tiny feathered bodies and tiny little peeping voices. Oh tiny is so cute!



  1. Those petit-fours and mini-brownies were delicious!

  2. I looooove the book and the sweets look pretty darn good too!