Thursday, December 17, 2009

Creepy. And Crawly.

To continue the new aquarium saga we stopped at the pet store the other day to finish stocking our tank. To complete our guppy 'collection' we purchased a 'fancy guppy'. And boy is he fancy! He outshines the plain old feeder guppies like you wouldn't believe. He is a bright shining beacon of fanciness! Really! He is bright yellow with fancilicious waving fins and sparkling eyes. He is the new king of the tank! Quite pretty really. We named him Sunny.

And we have a tiny catfish - one of those that will remain tiny. The last thing I needed was a fish that was going to outgrow the tank that I was forced into buying because I had outgrown the tank! He's a cute little albino cory catfish. I would have rather had a nice unassuming gray or speckled one, but Sweet Pea insisted on the albino one because he was so cool! And he really is very cute, despite the evil red eyes. As of right now, his name is still to be decided. Probably Whiskers, although I was partial to Meowsers and there was some call for Cloudy.

And finally, much to my utter dismay we now own three ghost shrimp - Creepy, Crawly and Crud Muffin (yes, Crud Muffin). Ghost shrimp are creepy (and crawly). They skitter around the tank like little, um, creepy, crawly . . . things. They are semi-transparent and covered in long, spindly, hair-like legs and antennae that move a mile a minutes, twitching and skittering and bouncing and jumping. And I don't think they are very nice either. I think I've seen them nipping at poor sweet Frisky and the guppies. But they are supposed to be excellent at cleaning up left-over food, algae, and any manner of disgusting things that fall to the bottom of the tank. And Snickers loves them - he thinks they are the cutest little things. To each their own I guess.

Here's a picture of one. This picture does NOT do justice to the legs and antennae. You should just see them skitter through the water, all their legs moving in unison. I suppose it could be pretty or graceful if I could get past the fact that they look like creepy, crawly, bugs!


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