Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bubbles, Eleanor and Oreo (Pets - Part 1)

For a family with a husband who is allergic to cats and dogs we seem to be doing just fine on the pet front. We've had a couple of guinea pigs for a few years. First was Bubbles and Eleanor. Bubbles succumbed earlier this year to a nasty neck abscess (poor Bubbles - she was sweet and had quite an effervescent personality - hence the name.) Shortly after Bubble's death we brought home Oreo to keep little Eleanor company. They are sweet little animals (although rather stinky if we don't keep right on top of the cage cleaning. Ick!) They squeak when the refrigerator opens hoping for a bite of lettuce or a nice fresh carrot. They make awesome garbage disposals - they eat the strawberry leaves and apple skins, watermelon rind and carrot shavings. And in the summer they love a good dandelion leaf or handful of clover or plantain. And they can be very snuggly – there’s nothing like a little tiny body to warm your lap as you watch TV. (as long as the warmth is from body heat and not, well, they have been known to, um, nevermind.)


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