Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Baking

I was going to blog about my Christmas baking in much greater detail, but with the baking, shopping, wrapping and everything else that is going on I just didn't have the time. So instead I'll just post the pictures of some of the favorites.

Nutmeg logs

Italian chocolate pepper balls
These are a personal favorite that the majority of the household will not touch. Everytime I make these it smells and tastes like Christmas to me. I never would have thought mixing chocolate, cinnamon, allspice, melted shortening, sugar, flour, whiskey and coffee would even be edible, let alone tasty, but I think these are the most delicious little morsels ever! My husband thinks maybe they would be improved with the addition of some cigarette butts - to go with the coffee and whiskey. (I guess you had to be there.)

Butter Cookies
The butter cookies are always a favorite. Fun to cut out, fun to frost and decorate and best of all, fun to eat!

An Assortment

I decided to forgo the fudge, buckeyes and other candies this year because the stress of everything was killing me. I'd rather enjoy the holidays than get all stressed out over some fudge! I can make fudge anytime, but Christmas memories are only made at Christmas.


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