Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best! Fish! Ever! (Pets - Part 3)

And for the final post in this series, we are now the proud owners of several guppies (or gibbies, or gubbies depending on who is trying to come up with the right word at any given moment) and two mystery snails (and possibly a few ghost shrimp soon).

The guppies were sold by the dozen or half dozen so we ended up with six. Snickers has decided that guppies are the Best! Fish! Ever! Why? Because they are so CHEAP! Holy cow! We got ourselves Six! Quality! Feeder Guppies! for only $1.29. How can you go wrong? And they are tiny and cute to boot!

The tank that we currently have them in - a rather small acrylic tank is getting cloudy very quickly so I think we may have overdone it when we got two snails - one would have been plenty. But, when you're faced with these cute (albeit slimy and tentacled) creatures and they come in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! Hello! How can I get just one color? Especially when Sweet Pea is standing at my side pointing out the cutest and bestest ones in the entire tank! "Mom! We have to get a gold one AND a black one! Can we can we can we?? Huh huh huh?

So, I think I may need to upgrade to a larger tank. Those darn snails! Fouling up the water! But I'd really rather not end up changing the water daily and certainly don't want my snails to be miserable. There is nothing worse than a grumpy snail. All day long it's squeak squeak squeak as they glide grumpily along the glass, sucking up algae and glaring out with their little glittering eye stalks. Hey! You! Are you gonna clean this thing up and get me some fresh water - something with a little oxygen in it perhaps?! But really, I read that the snails eat rotting vegetation, discarded fish food and algae, so they must be super happy - it's like a cesspool in there. Just kidding - it's not that bad, but it could be if I get busy and don't have time to keep up with it. And I know that's a given. When am I not busy? I don’t want to torture or kill these sweet yet slimy guys.

But the guppies seem happy. There is no annoying squeaking across the glass or popping up to the top to spit bubbles out at us as we walk by. (but the snails don’t really do that either.) So I assume they are probably as happy as a fish can be. They are still (and may always be) in the "oh-my-god-someone-is-coming-let's-hide-behind-the castle-so-they-can't-see-us" mode. Sweet sweet tiny little fishies. (You may start to sense a theme as you read through this blog. I like teeny tiny things of all kinds. More on that in a later post.)


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