Monday, January 28, 2013

A Rain of Soup Cans and Macaroni

Somewhere, sometime, I read that when you get into a car accident that whatever is in the car becomes a projectile capable of knocking you out or worse. So, being the good mama duck that I am I began covering the groceries in the back of the car with a blanket to prevent them from flying around should something terrible occur.

And since I started doing that many years ago I feel so much safer. Now I know that rather than being slowly stoned to death by a rain of soup cans and boxes of macaroni, I will face a quick death when the huge, blanket-covered wad of groceries hurls itself to the front of the car and buries me.



  1. I had taken off my cars sun visors for repair. I set them on the shelf under the rear window in the car. When i got in my accident, I was going 45mph. The visors flew up front and broke the windshield and bounced back and put a nice scar on my chin. Yes loose objects can become dangerous projectiles.