Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Red Squirrels and Blue Ones and Green Ones . . .

We have several squirrels that routinely visit the bird feeder. I'm not sure exactly how many since they all look exactly alike, but it's a bunch. And when I say they all look exactly alike I'm exaggerating somewhat. We've got Rusty - he's the one with the rusty color fur across his back and in his arm pits. And then there's Buffy. He has the ears with the buff colored backs.

But wait, Rusty also has buff ear-backs. And so does that one. And that one.

And, is that Rusty? Or does Rusty have more red fur?

Needless to say, the other squirrel is named Randy. Randy as in 'Random Squirrel that is indistinguishable from every other squirrel'. 'Randy' really refers to all squirrels.

So, if we have one squirrel at the feeder, it can certainly be Rusty, because there is no one else to compare him to. But as soon as another squirrel shows up, guaranteed to be one with buff ear-backs and plenty of rust-colored fur, then suddenly we have Randy1 and Randy2.

But that doesn't stop us from debating endlessly as to whether the visiting squirrels are really Randy, or if one
is Rusty, or Buffy.

If only I could apply fur dye's from 20 feet away! They I'd be able to tell them apart.


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