Friday, January 11, 2013

The Mighty Hand of a Plastic Disc-Shaped God

So, a couple of months ago (I know! I am so behind on these blog posts!) the hubby was puttering around the house and he heard the sounds of a cat fight in the backyard. It happens on occasion. There is a big, fat, friendly, tabby cat that owns the entire neighborhood that visits our backyard often. And since putting up a bird feeder, we also often have other cats wandering through to check out the free meals. Once in a while the cats get tangled up with each other. (While our cat watches longingly from the window).

So anyway, there was a cat fight. It stopped, but started up again a short time later so the hubby went out to see what the ruckus was about. As expected, there was a tangle of grey, white and black fur, claws flying, fur flying, terrifying cat yowling echoing across the yard. They were at the far end of the yard and he certainly didn't want to go out there and intervene but he did see a Frisbee on the deck. He picked it up, aimed and tossed it out there.

It was like something from a sci-fi movie, or a Frisbee competition. The Frisbee flew out, arced around, following the line of the fence and landed smack-dab between the two cats! It couldn't have been a more perfect throw! (My hubby is soooo athletic lucky sometimes!)

The cats, startled, started to run off, both in approximately the same direction. And, surprisingly enough, the Frisbee rolled on its side between them, following the same path. They were completely freaked out. Not only did this strange blue thing drop out of the sky between them like the hand of a plastic, disc-shaped god, but it was following them! They scattered like the wind, disappearing into the black-raspberry bushes on the back hill like smoke in a stiff breeze. Then the Frisbee, quest completed, dropped onto it's side, exhausted.


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