Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Munchin' on Tomatoes

I decided to be proactive. Not too long ago I mentioned that I have some tomato plants and that so far they are untouched by the groundhog family that lives in the yard. But I just know as soon as the tomatoes turn red, they will be fair game for the varmints. So, I got out my tools and my cable ties, chicken wire and fence bits and got to work. After a few scratches, a bit of sweat, a few mosquito bites and minimal swearing, I was done. Voila:

I checked and double checked and don't think the critters can get in. (Not easily anyway). My lettuce and tomatoes are safely wrapped in wire.

I know I'm being very optimistic. I know that critters are very resourceful, but I'm hopeful. However, I fully expect to go out onto the deck someday and find all 5 of the little buggers trapped INside the fencing, happily munching tomatoes.


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