Friday, July 19, 2013

Spider Smashing Stick

The other day I mentioned my contraption fence that I put around the tomato plants. I'm hopeful that it will keep the groundhogs out. But I know it won't keep the spiders out.

I know for a fact that the spiders like tomato cages. They can make some very elaborate webs in those things. And I'm sure that now that I have these tomato cages all clustered together it will create new opportunities for web building. For the sake of the anticipated tomato picking I left a path of sorts between the pots. I have to step over a pot here and there, but it's navigable. At least until the spiders get their webs strewn across the path with the hopes of catching me unprepared. I would make quite a meal.

So, I've got my spider beating stick at the ready. I plan to use it for sweeping webs out of the way, but if it comes down to it, I can use it for spider smashing too.


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