Thursday, February 12, 2015


  Sometimes in the evening when I'm sitting on the couch watching TV with the family, Sweet Pea and I will pull out some yarn and the crochet hooks. Most recently we've been focused on little critters - some photos of them are below. But as we go, you may here this conversation:

Me: OK, the next step is to do 12 single crochet, then a decrease, then 12 more
Sweet Pea: OK
Me: 1
Sweet Pea: 2
Me: 2 already?
Sweet Pea: 12
Me: 8
Sweet Pea: 16

That's us counting our stitches. You can see that Sweet Pea crochets about twice as fast as I do. No matter how hard I try to go faster it just doesn't work. I end up dropping a stitch, then have to fix it which slows me down, or I get all tangled up and have to disentangle. We've decided that while Sweet Pea is doing crochet, I'm doing slowchet.

Hey, it works for me. What's the hurry anyway?


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  1. cute, cute,cute...that little hedgehog is adorable!