Monday, February 2, 2015

The Faceless Man

So I was watching the Super Bowl and there was a shot of the audience and there was this man with sunglasses on, sitting in the bleachers. I did a double take. The man had no face! Below the sunglasses was just blank flesh - no nose, no mouth. It was very disconcerting - like something from a bad horror movie. I was terrified.

But then he raised his head and I saw that he did indeed have features - eyes, a  nose, a mouth. It was all there in the right places. The only thing missing was the hair. He was bald, and had pushed his sunglasses on top of his head, then had looked down at something. So the overall effect was surreal.

I had the hubby rewind it several times and we all agreed that he looked faceless. Ah, good times!


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