Tuesday, May 19, 2015


So, as you may know from previous posts, we had 3 gerbils. A little over a year ago we got Dusty, Toast and Chippy. Dusty was always frail - thin and smaller than the other two, but she was very energetic and healthy, or so it seemed. She died after about 8 months or so. But Chippy and Toast carried on in their gerbilly way.

And the other day, little Toast died. She looked ill for the last few weeks so we knew she might not be long for this world, but it's sad to see her go. For a gerbil, she was a very funny little critter. she is the only gerbil we ever had who would sprawl out on her back, tummy up to the air, snoozing without a care in the world - as if she was taunting any would-be-predators. (the others always curled up in a ball to sleep). She was lazy, chubby and loved to eat. She loved to snuggle up with Chippy and really didn't seem to mind being held by us humans - she would sit contentedly for a little while while we scratched behind her ears. We gave her a nice burial in a heart shaped box in the backyard near Dusty. She will be missed.

And now little Chippy is all alone. We'll have to heap extra attention on her, which I'm sure she would prefer to do without. Hopefully she'll stay with us for a good long time.


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